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Tips For A Better Workout Plan
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Sometimes small tips on how to do exercises can be a big help teaching you how to carry out your workout exercises correctly. Even if you are new to the gym or a long-time fitness lover looking for a better way to exercise, one... Read more
Workouts For Healing a Hamstring Injury
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Sometimes it´s hard to avoid some kind of injury while working out or playing a sport, especially if you are new at it and don’t look for guidance. It is important to follow the rules and steps to any kind of new workout to... Read more
Try an Old-School Workout
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Some of us have tried it all, top of the line exercise machines and every modern routine out there and have seen no results. We tend to feel frustrated and doubt that is possible to get in shape. If you feel that this is... Read more
Recover From Injury The Right Way

In all my years working of working in sports, nothing is worse than an injury that debilitates the athlete, throwing a wrench in what was once a carefully laid out plan. One of the most important characteristics an athlete has to have is motivation. When injury strikes it strikes the flesh and the psyche…

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A few small changes to change your life

Life is always happening we can’t stop or change it but work with it, around it and charge through it being the best version of ourselves we can be. Wouldn’t you rather wake up knowing you tried and failed as oppose to wishing you would have done something differently in life…

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Stretching Before You Work Out
For those of you eager to get out there and start losing weight you must remember to stretch your muscles to get to most out of your workout and most importantly to prevent injury and pain.  Every professional athlete knows for sure this fact as they warm up before... Read more