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Magic pills, the FDA and curing the common obesity

Wednesday’s FDA advisory panel decision to recommend the weight loss drug Qnexa for approval sounds like good news to many Americans who battle obesity, an epidemic that has now taken 35 percent of us and adds billions of dollars to our overburdened health care system. Weight loss drugs have been one of the Holy Grails of the pharmaceutical industry for years – the idea that if a perfect drug can be made to magically loose weight, profits would be heavenly…

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Weight loss drug near FDA approval

The Federal Food and Drug Administration is close to allowing the release of a new weight loss drug, after an advisory panel recommended Qnexa be ruled safe for human consumption. During clinical trials, Qnexa was shown to help weight loss by an average of 10 percent. Along with Qnexa’s success in reducing fat in obese patients, there were noticeable side effects…

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