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Joe Pesci’s Snickers Ads are Bad for Your Health
It’s shocking to see the lengths that the corporate industry media will go through to make sure you get diabetes and other deadly diseases and cancers.  Late one night while watching television I saw this Snickers Bar commercial with one of my all time favorite actors Joe Pesci who... Read more
Staying Ahead Of Osteoporosis
It has been estimated recently that around 75 million Americans suffer from osteoporosis which is a disease that ends in bone loss, loss of tissue and bone density.  Some people are more prone to develop this disease but by developing healthy diet habits they will be able to at... Read more
Artificial Sweeteners Will Damage your Diet Plans
  An artificial sweetener is a sugar substitute that imitates the taste of sugar with a lot less food energy with many more times the sweetness of sucrose.  The problem is that with all the additives that artificial sweeteners have it has been known to distort the body’s natural... Read more
The American Dietetic Association soon to have monopoly on Nutrition
  Legislative bills are being passed in states like West Virginia, California, Colorado, Indiana and New York to restrict nutritional services and counseling to only registered dieticians which means that qualified nutritionist would no longer be allowed to become licensed and no longer be able to provide nutritional counseling.... Read more