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Part 5 Break into Scuba Diving this Spring
After you have exited the waters you carefully walk over to your tank area and slowly sit down so that the tank can enter its holding dock.   Every one on the boat is giddy with pleasure and gathering around the all-knowing Divemaster to ask questions about the different kind... Read more
Part 4 Break into Scuba Diving this Spring
From Part 3 … You lay back and feel the warm sun and the cool air hitting your body and you smile that smile once again.  The boat gently rocks as the boat captain turns up that smooth head rocking reggae tune.   After you have finished your surface... Read more
Part 3 Break into Scuba Diving this Spring
You are then slowly guided upwards and sideways over the reef to explore more of the colors of the reef and sand patches and on you continue until you get to around 30 feet where you will spend the remainder of your Bottom Time hanging around visiting and gliding... Read more
Part 2 Break into Scuba Diving this Spring
After this two-day First Aid course you go on to the Divemaster course, which entails around two to three months of on site training at an actual dive center or resort and you learn to guide and watch over scuba fun divers who are out to explore the reefs... Read more