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The Roots Of Reflexology

The origins of reflexology date back to the earliest of civilizations. Ancient Egyptian, Chinese, Japanese and Tibetan texts and charts, thousands of years old, depict various methods of acupressure massage on the soles of feet. There are even Native American oral traditions that speak of massaging feet, hands and …

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What to expect from a massage session

You have had a long week, you have put in the hours and now your long awaited massage has finally arrived. So what should your massage session look like? As a massage professional, I have always believed …

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5 tips on finding the right massage therapist

Finding the right massage therapist is not always an easy thing. Each of us has particular things they are looking for in the individual who is going to massage them. Choosing wisely could mean the difference between a dissatisfying experience and …

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Massage: The path to natural well being

How often do we pause from our labors, rub our necks and shoulders, and say, “Man, I need a massage!” You’re not alone. In fact, touch is a basic need in the human condition, so it’s no surprise that massage is in its renaissance in the Western world. Since our daily lives are impacted by ever-increasing levels of stress, nagging aches and pains diminish our quality of life…

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Alternative treatments for MS

Today many patients diagnosed with chronic inflammatory disease like MS are turning to natural and alternative medicine to treat the symptoms of their disease. Alternative medicine is a term used to describe any and all forms of treatment that has no scientific proof or documented clinical studies verifying it as safe and or effective…

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