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Study Finds Almonds Great Against Diabetes
Researchers have uncovered a technique to re-sensitize cells to the effects of insulin.  The miracle substance is an type of almond called sterculia foetida which contains sterculic oil and can aid those who have lost the ability to produce insulin and have developed insulin resistance.   Insulin acts like a... Read more
Don’t fear let fear impede treating your diabetes

There have been many times when I have spoken to someone recently diagnosed with diabetes meletis (DM) who tell me they didn’t go to the their doctor when their symptoms began because they knew and didn’t want the doctor to tell them what they already knew…

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5 smart things to do when you are diagnosed with diabetes
When your body is not able to use the glucose which is produced by the foods that you eat then you are most likely to develop type 2 diabetes which is caused by your body’s tolerance to glucose.  While there is a direct correlation between obesity and diabetes this... Read more