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Make Friends, Live Longer

Although quitting smoking and regular exercise have long been though to be the key components needed for living a long and healthy life, in recent years there have been numerous studies involving hundreds of thousands of participants that have indicated people with social relationships, like friends, live longer than people that isolate themselves…

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The Healthy Power of Bee’s
  Many people out there include honey in their diets not only for their natural sweetening effects but also for the basic nutritional value that it has been given throughout the media and advertising.   But the true power that derives from honey is more than you may think as... Read more
Gene linked to longevity

A new study released by the American Geriatrics Society discovered a gene or what some scientist deems to call,”super agers”. This study indicates that people who live over the age of 95 tend to have a healthier lifestyle than other people who passed away at an earlier age…

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