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Kid Friendly Snacks

Kid Friendly Snacks

Diet August 8, 2012

  With options ranging and coming from vending machines full of candy and chips to especially those disgusting and super unhealthy school lunch meals, our kids are not doing this to themselves but it is being done to them. Of course the major finger pointing goes to the food... Read more
Vegetables That Rock

Vegetables That Rock

Diet July 31, 2012

Love them or hate them veggies will always be the most health promoting food group on this earth as they contain wonderfully good components like antioxidants, fiber and strong phytochemicals.  Getting people and most importantly kids to eat their veggies basically come down to presentation, the better and more... Read more
The Importance of Eating Your Vegetables and Fruits
The average American eats around 2 servings of vegetables and fruit per day.  Sadly this goes against the helpful guidelines that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as they have stated in their guidelines that Americans should be eating from 5 to over 10 servings of fruits... Read more
3 Cool ways to get your kids to eat their vegetables

Children need to eat foods that derive from the well known food pyramid which is built on the five major food groups and vegetables are a very important block in that pyramid.

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