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SuperFoods For Kids

SuperFoods For Kids

Diet October 5, 2012

Are you tired of your kids coming home with bad grades or notes from the teacher telling you that the kids do not focus and stay motivated in class? Well the root of the problem actually lies in your own home and the foods that you give to your... Read more
Top Back To School Snacks
  Schools and Universities are back in action and with all the commotion of new classes, last minute shopping for school supplies and clothes, and the quick temptations that are flashed everywhere featuring chocolaty goodies laden with high fructose corn syrup to crispy and salty snacks from a bag... Read more
Back To School Diet For Dense Bones
Well its that time of the year again and the early morning hustle and bustle of getting ready for school is back in our lives again.  Kids fighting over bathroom time and trying to find that shirt that went perfect with those new jeans that is nowhere to be... Read more
Kid Friendly Snacks

Kid Friendly Snacks

Diet August 8, 2012

  With options ranging and coming from vending machines full of candy and chips to especially those disgusting and super unhealthy school lunch meals, our kids are not doing this to themselves but it is being done to them. Of course the major finger pointing goes to the food... Read more
Unhealthy Snacks are Damaging our Kids Health
  A recent study in a health journal has shown that our kids are addicted to junk food and are getting bigger and hungrier by the minute.  Kids nowadays have three extra meals per day in the form of unhealthy snacks, mostly composed of utter junk food and junk... Read more
Healthy Eating Tips for kids
Healthy eating for kids begins at home and in right in your kitchen.  The example YOU set will have a huge impact on the diet that your child has and if properly done you and your child will reap the great benefits of healthy eating and living.  Sometimes being... Read more
How to tell if your kid is overweight and what to do about it
By Ed Barillas For some parents it has become a constant battle to get their kids off the couch and into backyard for some good old running around like all kids do or used to do in some parts. In these days of awesome technology devices that are enabling... Read more
Making healthy lunches for your kid

School cafeteria food with its missing nutrients, foods high in sugar and calories is back. Back to school means having basically little control over what your kids eats for lunch when in school unless you pack it yourself…

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