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Flesh Eating Bacteria

Necrotizing Fasciitis is more commonly known as the “flesh eating bacteria.” In recent days, here in Honduras, there has been some very worried people walking around as 6 people have died up in the country from the flesh eating bacteria…

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Medical realities of the very poor

The very poor everywhere are desperate for just basic medical care. During that first trip we were able to not only give out medications but also to teach them how to improve and prevent health issues, even teaching proper body mechanics to prevent back and muscle injury as most of the adults had complaints of back, shoulder, or leg pain. Providing health education is just as important as handing out medicines…

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Real men don’t buy girls

In the wake of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d bring up an issue that hits very close to home for me. I was originally inspired by an article I saw about celebrity breakups and it mentioned the split between Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. I normally don’t care about such pop culture trivias, but in Honduras, where I live, Kutcher and Moore have a more important societal role in the form of their organization that fights child prostitution – Real Men Don’t Buy Girls, a public service campaign that uses celebrities to persuade men out of using child prostitutes…

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