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Chamomile’s Medical Benefits

Chamomile has been shown to contain numerous chemical compounds that have been shown to benefit our health. Two of the most significant compounds are apigenin and alpha-bisabolol…

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FDA Approval a Trojan Horse for Herbal Supplements?

It stands to reason that herbalists would feel vindicated after so many years of being snubbed by the FDA and looked down upon by a medical establishment that reveres pharmaceuticals as a superior treatment for patients. However, the opposite is true. FDA approval of drugs like Fulyzaq and Veregen could spell more trouble for an industry which is already under attack by regulators…

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Flu Epidemic Sweeps the Nation

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is reporting widespread cases of the flu in 47 states in its latest report issued today. Flu cases are high in 24 states, moderate in 16, low in five and minimal in five. The report was based on findings during the week of Dec. 30 to Jan. 5. In addition to calling the flu outbreak “widespread,” the CDC has also reported that deaths from flu and pneumonia are “slightly above the epidemic threshold.”

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Common cures from your spice rack

Imagine not needing all those OTC medicines. Instead of walking into your bathroom walk into your kitchen. Your kitchen can double as your own personal pharmacy. Most of us have a spice rack, either one that came with a selection of spices already in it or one that we’ve filled with the spices we use regularly…

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