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Salmonella Cases on the Rise
by Kimberly Allen, RN Does it seem to you like there’s been more reports in the news about Salmonella outbreaks over the last few years?  That’s because the number of Salmonella outbreaks has increased in the US has increased significantly since 2009.  In 2008 and 2009 there were 3... Read more
Typhoid Fever
by Kimberly Allen RN Typhoid fever is an acute bacterial infection caused by certain strains of the salmonella bacteria.  According to the World Health Organization there are approximately 23 million people diagnosed with typhoid fever resulting in over 500,000 deaths worldwide every year.  Because of improved sanitation the incidence... Read more
Dealing with food poisoning

Food poisoning is the term the general public uses for foodborne illnesses. A foodborne illness is any illness that develops from contaminated food consumption. In the US it is estimated that 1 in 6 people will develop a foodborne illness. The CDC estimates that in the US there will be 48 million cases of foodborne illnesses, with 128,000 hospitalizations and as many as 3,000 deaths every year…

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E Coli virus

E coli is a bacteria that is normally found in the intestines of healthy people and animals. There are over 700 different stains of e coli most of which live withe in our small intestines and colon. Most are considered to be “normal flora” and do not cause disease…

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