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Flu Update: Now It’s an Epidemic

According to federal health officials, with the number of deaths in children reaching 20 so far this year, the flu has reached epidemic proportions. The CDC reports that this year between the end of September and the end of December 2012 the number of flu cases reported was 22,048 as opposed to 849 cases of the flu reported in the same time period in 2011…

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Flu Season Arrives Early

The flu has hit early and hard this year with five deaths already being reported. Flu season in the US is usually in January and February, however, the CDC reports that 48 states have already reported cases of the flu. Some states are reporting near peak number of cases…

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Flu Epidemic Sweeps the Nation

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is reporting widespread cases of the flu in 47 states in its latest report issued today. Flu cases are high in 24 states, moderate in 16, low in five and minimal in five. The report was based on findings during the week of Dec. 30 to Jan. 5. In addition to calling the flu outbreak “widespread,” the CDC has also reported that deaths from flu and pneumonia are “slightly above the epidemic threshold.”

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Did you get your flu shot?

October marks the beginning of the 2012 -2013 flu season and the new vaccines are already being shipped to Drs offices, clinics and pharmacies all over the country. The flu is a viral infection that spreads around the world causing whats known as seasonal epidemics…

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