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Pizza Can Be Good Or Bad For You
Pizza, the cornerstone of every nutritional lunch, dinner, snack and even breakfast, has been around for generations and has made it through wars, plagues and hurricanes and can probably be ranked amongst the worlds most loved foods (mostly with kids) but still.  Memories flood the mind of younger years... Read more
Careful about that next fast food that you eat

It has been reported in the Journal Environmental Health Perspectives that toxic chemicals are being used to line the wrappers of fast food items and can very easily be absorbed into your bloodstream. The toxic chemical polyfluoroalkyl phosphate is coated into the packaging of microwave popcorn and fast foods and supposedly is supposed to prevent grease and water from leaking through the packaging. The human body metabolizes this chemical and turns it into a toxic chemical called perfluorinated carboxylic acids and is

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Healthy tips for eating out

A recent survey has revealed that situations when the head of the household is 30 years of age or younger, a family spends more than 40 percent of their food budget on eating out…

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