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Tips to Making Your Resolutions Stick

People have been making New Years resolutions since ancient times when the Babylonians made promises to their gods at the beginning of every year…

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Do you need to start exercising?

Not everyone is made for the gym and not everyone is comfortable going to a gym to exercise. Most people are not going to exercise if they don’t like what they’re doing or have any motivation to do it…

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Stay fit as a senior

As the “Babyboomers” age and the “senior citizen” population has increased, a great deal of research has gone into maintaining their health. As the population ages medical costs increase so a lot of the research has been focused on prevention. The most important discovery was that activity plays a much bigger role than previously thought…

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Walk your way to better health

Hippocrates once said “walking is man’s best medicine.” This means the health benefits of walking have been known for centuries. One of the greatest things about walking is almost anyone can do it. There is no special training needed or expensive equipment to buy…

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Stay in shape with low impact exercise

Low impact exercise by definition is exercise which involves minimal striking of a body part against a hard surface. Low impact exercise is not just for seniors or “mall walkers.” there are numerous low impact exercises in every exercise category know to exist…

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Basic Exercises To Get You Back In Shape
If your still sitting on the fence about when and how to get back into shape there are some quick and easy ways to go about it without having to get a gym membership or even an in-home gym.   There are a few types of exercises that you can... Read more
Finding balance between ideal fitness and reality

I am the type of girl who is subconscious and always aware of what I eat and how it makes me feel – how my body responds to it. Between dieting for a fitness show and just being a healthy 27-year-old female, I had to learn discipline and balance…

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Magic pills, the FDA and curing the common obesity

Wednesday’s FDA advisory panel decision to recommend the weight loss drug Qnexa for approval sounds like good news to many Americans who battle obesity, an epidemic that has now taken 35 percent of us and adds billions of dollars to our overburdened health care system. Weight loss drugs have been one of the Holy Grails of the pharmaceutical industry for years – the idea that if a perfect drug can be made to magically loose weight, profits would be heavenly…

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Change up your workouts for fitness and fun

It’s so important to switch up your workouts. It’s easy to forget or get comfortable with certain lifts and continue to do the same things day in and day out at the gym…

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Workouts for those on the go!

I’m in sales so I do have the opportunity to travel quiet a bit. Some trips I find it easier to fit my workouts in and remain on the healthy regime and others it’s literally a pain; however it’s never impossible…

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