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Bored With Your Routine? Try New Ideas
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Every day is a good day to start that workout routine you have been talking about . You talk about starting to work out and you don’t . Researching and brainstorming ideas can be a first step on finding out what is the routine... Read more
Choose The Right Workout
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Sometimes we start a workout routine and we are not constant and therefore do not meet our goal. Why? Well, some of us get bored, feel it´s too hard or just lose motivation. That´s why it is important you choose the right routine to... Read more
Basic Exercises To Get You Back In Shape
If your still sitting on the fence about when and how to get back into shape there are some quick and easy ways to go about it without having to get a gym membership or even an in-home gym.   There are a few types of exercises that you can... Read more
10 fitness tips for students

College life has a powerful and dynamic impact on our bodies with the late nights, long hours of studying and saturated fats eaten by way of takeout pizza or burgers…

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