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Fun Ways to Turn Exercise into a Habit
There’s no rule that says you have to go to a gym or buy equipment or that says that exercise has to be strenuous and painstaking long.   You have to be able to shift your perception of exercise as being regimented to exercise being a physical activity that can... Read more
Lose Weight by Chewing

A study done at the Harbin Medical University in China has shown that those who chew their food more end up taking in a lot fewer calories. The study involved 30 young men half obese and half in fit shape, and analyzed whether the overweight subjects chewed their food differently

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Key to a Happy, Long and Rewarding Sex Life
Many have searched and continue to search for the secret to a happy and long sex life.  Books have been written on the subject, seminars held and online web pages devoted to giving you more information on this great and delicate subject.  Our sex drive can remain with us... Read more