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Managing Your Liver Disease Naturally
by Kimberly Allen, RN The liver is the main organ in your body responsible for removing toxins from your blood and the digestion of certain foods, especially fats. It also regulates the amino acid levels in your blood, stores glucose as glycogen and assists with blood clotting as well... Read more
Energy and The Magnesium Connection
by Michelle LeSueur, BEP, CNC, CSN, CPT How many of you eat healthy and exercise regularly but find that your energy levels are low?  You know you’re not doing the blood sugar yo-yo, so what could it be?  Those that have been avid sugar eaters in the past probably... Read more
Digestive Enzyme Facts
It may be interesting to note that there is not one particular enzyme or molecule but a serious of special enzymes that are necessary for breaking down the foods that you eat.  Actually the process of digestion is very complex and involves many enzymes each of which has a... Read more