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Artificial Sweetener Disease Anyone?

Artificial Sweetener Disease (ASD) is sweeping across America, like an evil plague affecting hundreds of thousands of consumers, and Western medicine calls it anything but what it really should be, so that doctors can prescribe expensive pharmaceuticals and set up “check up” appointments for the following weeks.

The symptoms can be recurring unbearable depression, migraines,headaches, anxiety, muscle pain, arthritis flare ups, buzzing or ringing in the ears, Crohn’s…

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How to Look Younger

How to Look Younger

Health June 10, 2012

Each of us yearns to maintain our youthful appearance, energy and good health free from disease and sickness. We look for help from the “discoveries of science” and “breakthrough drugs” or “elixirs” full of promise. While we have made significant progress in our understanding of the human body and... Read more
Ways to Make Alkaline Diet Benefit You
The premise of an alkaline diet is that the nutrients found in supplements, alkalizing foods, and water can bring the body back to balance. These vitamins, minerals, and herbs infuse the body with new energy, vitality, and better health. Alkaline foods and water must be consumed in order to... Read more
Reason Why That Latest Diet May Not Be Working
  So you been skipping meals for a week now and being a stickler for portions controls and you feel that you are eating less and less every day and diligently working out day after day 6 days per week and yet you have not lost one single pound.  ... Read more
Eat Your Veggies, Live Long
  Love them or hate them veggies will always be the most health promoting food group on this earth as they contain wonderfully good components like antioxidants, fiber and strong phytochemicals.  Getting people and most importantly kids to eat their vegies basically come down to presentation, the better and... Read more
Finding balance between ideal fitness and reality

I am the type of girl who is subconscious and always aware of what I eat and how it makes me feel – how my body responds to it. Between dieting for a fitness show and just being a healthy 27-year-old female, I had to learn discipline and balance…

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Eating breakfast can keep you fit
  Breakfast should be the single most important meal of the day.  It replenishes our body with essential nutrients and liquids that we need in order to function properly.  Sadly many people out there cite excuses like “I’m not hungry in the morning” or “I just don’t have the... Read more
Magic pills, the FDA and curing the common obesity

Wednesday’s FDA advisory panel decision to recommend the weight loss drug Qnexa for approval sounds like good news to many Americans who battle obesity, an epidemic that has now taken 35 percent of us and adds billions of dollars to our overburdened health care system. Weight loss drugs have been one of the Holy Grails of the pharmaceutical industry for years – the idea that if a perfect drug can be made to magically loose weight, profits would be heavenly…

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Improve your memory by exercising and eating right
  Are you tired of misplacing your car keys or forgetting someone’s name after you have just meet them?   Well there is good news here for those looking for the quickest way to improve their memory and to stop cursing at themselves for half an hour before finding their... Read more
Healthy Eating Tips for kids
Healthy eating for kids begins at home and in right in your kitchen.  The example YOU set will have a huge impact on the diet that your child has and if properly done you and your child will reap the great benefits of healthy eating and living.  Sometimes being... Read more