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Complications From Seasonal Flu
by Kimberly Allen, RN Winter is upon us and alson with the snow and cold come the seasonal illnesses like the flu.  The CDC estimates that approximately 20% of the people living in the US will contract the flu this season and out of that 20% approximately 200,000 people will develop complications requiring... Read more

The average human body is made of approximately 75% water. This water is both in the cells as well as outside the cells. Maintaining the proper balance of water in your body is crucial to maintaining it’s function. There are many ways to upset that balance which can lead to serious health problems even death…

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The dangers of heat stroke

Heat Stroke is a Medical Emergency. If not treated properly and quickly it is often fatal. The first and most important treatment is to cool the heat stroke victim down and call 911 immediately. Move the victim out of the sun to a shady area and remove their clothing. Then pour or spray cool water, a garden hose works well, over the victim…

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