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by Kimberly Allen, RN Neuroblastoma though the third most common cancer in children is the most common “extracranial solid cancer” diagnosed in children.  Extracranial means outside the brain.  It is also the most common type of cancer diagnosed in infants.  Approximately 800 children are diagnosed every year in the... Read more
When To Start Baby on Solid Food

One of the questions I am asked most frequently by new mom’s is when to start their infant on solid food. Unfortunately, a recent study done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that approximately 93% of infants were given solid foods before 6 months of age and that at least 40% were given solid food before reaching 4 months of age…

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Fevers aren’t always a bad thing

Frequently I have parents coming to complain that their children have a fever. It’s 98F and humid out and the children are wearing t-shirts and pants. Everyone is hot when the temperature outside is hot. A fever in healthy kids is usually not an indication that something is…

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Kid Friendly Snacks

Kid Friendly Snacks

Diet August 8, 2012

  With options ranging and coming from vending machines full of candy and chips to especially those disgusting and super unhealthy school lunch meals, our kids are not doing this to themselves but it is being done to them. Of course the major finger pointing goes to the food... Read more
Getting Your Kids To Exercise Right
In this day and age of the powerful media industry’s reign on our extracurricular activities with Blackberry to WII games to Facebook all in which we partake of when sitting or laying down, our overall health is being affected and not in a good way.  Our body’s need a... Read more
How TV and video games effect a child’s sleep

It has always been known that children will emulate what they see on TV. But do you really know what the affects of Television can do to your childs sleep?

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Nutrients your child may be missing

Is your child one of the ones that is missing out on the four essential nutrients like fiber, potassium, vitamin D and calcium? …

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