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The Incredible (in)Edible Egg Bill

As Congress wraps up the details of the nation’s Farm Bill, there is one amendment that hasn’t received the same attention as some of the more glamorous stuff like GMO-labeling and corn subsidies. The so-called “Egg Bill” doesn’t have much of a chance of passing but it is an interesting piece of legislation that has ramifications for both the nutrition of our country’s eggs and the welfare of the chickens that lay them…

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Take the good with the bad: The Sanders amendment

There was much back-slapping and self-congratulating among the Senate yesterday as Republicans and Democrats celebrated a rare instance of bipartisanship when the chamber passed the Farm Bill – a much anticipated overhaul of our agriculture system that cut useless subsidies and expanded even more useless insurance programs among other things. However, proponents of natural, organic foods didn’t find much cause to celebrate …

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