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How About it gals and guys Does Exercise Help or Worsen your Arthritis?
By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer Have you been using the excuse of not working out because of your arthritis pain and the thought that it may worsen it or are you are just simply unsure on how to proceed with your weight loss plan without adding unwanted pain to... Read more
Repetitive Motion Injuries
by Kimberly Allen RN Repetitive motion injuries (also called repetitive stress injuries) are a type of injury that  are caused by long term over use of your joints.  Repetitive motion injuries are one of the most common injuries seen in the US.  They account for over 50% of all... Read more
Living with Rhuematoid Arthritis (RA)

RA is a progressive disease originating in the bodies immune system. In simple terms the body sees it’s self as an enemy and starts to destroy it’s self…

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Manage your pain your way

When the cause is obvious the treatment is usually pretty straight forward. It’s when you start dealing with chronic, long term pain that problems can begin…

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What foods and chemicals additives can cause arthritis pain?
Many foods out there which are disguised as “food” can seriously aggravate and cause joint and muscle pains linked with arthritis, fibromyalgia and gout. Staying clear of these foods can make your life a lot less painful and can also help in reducing pain, inflammation and stiffness.  Although it... Read more
Easy Tips to Help You Deal with Arthritis Pain
As each day brings new challenges, coping with the pain and discomfort of arthritis can be overwhelming. Arthritis happens when the pressure absorbing cartilages at a joint break down, exposing bones to friction. This continuous friction between bones inflames the joint and causes pain. Pain thus is the primary... Read more