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Diet Soda and Alcohol

Today with so many Americans trying to cut a few calories here and there many are choosing a diet mixer when they have an alcoholic beverage. They are of a mind set that they are cutting calories so that diet rum and coke doesn’t have as many calories as a regular rum and coke does…

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The Causes of Addiction

Addiction is currently being defined as “the continuous use of a mood altering substance or behavior despite adverse dependency, consequences or a neurological impairment leading to such behaviors.” In the past, addiction was believed to involve only alcohol or other drugs, however, recently the experts have determined that behaviors can also be addictive…

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Effects of Alcohol on Athletes

Athletes, or currently more specifically football players, have made the news again because of alcohol use. Alcohol is “the most widely abused drug in the world”. It is the substance most abused by all athletes ranging from Jr. high all the way through to the professional level…

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Alcohol and aging

Alcohol and aging

Diet February 22, 2012

  Its has been shown that alcohol can have a much stronger effect on older people as when people age their bodies absorb alcohol more freely.  There are many reasons for this as  a body’s water ratio decreases when it ages so there is less water to dilute the... Read more
How excessive drinking affects your diet

Even though drinking during mealtimes is traditional and associated with good health careless overuse and neglect of what is being eaten can has a disastrous effect on your waistline and heart …

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Five easy tips to avoid aging your skin
  Health and lifestyle decisions can affect many of the external causes of aging skin and are determined by the decisions that you make every day. Making bad and unhealthy choices will most surely cause prematurely aging skin, and this makes you look older, faster. Here are 5 habits... Read more