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Stockholm Syndrome
by Kimberly Allen, RN Stockholm syndrome is in the news again.  So exactly what is it and who develops Stockholm syndrome?  Stockholm syndrome is considered a group of psychological symptoms that develop in some people that are being held captive or hostage.  The term Stockholm syndrome was first used... Read more
Trauma and Children

As parents and caregivers we try to protect our children from anything that can harm them, physically or psychologically. However, in today’s world that’s not always possible. The recent events in Newtown, Ct really brings that home. The trauma of such horrific events can affect not only the surviving children of the school but the children in the community and across the country…

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Dealing with bullies and the bullied

Have you or someone you know been bullied? Bullying can happen anytime at any age from childhood to senior citizen. Bullying means different things to different people, for example a young child will view bullying differently than an adult. the technical definition of bullying is ” an act of repeated aggressive behavior in order to intentionally hurt another person physically or mentally…

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