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Simply Kendi part 5 Simply Kendi part 5
In-season or off-season, I always take a multi-vitamin, fish oils, and a combined calcium/magnesium pill. During contest prep, I may add a fatburner, CLA's,... Simply Kendi part 5

Health and Fitness Talk recently caught up with National Physique Committee competitor Kendi Charls, to talk about her life as a fitness competitor, her training and her diet.

What supplements do you use and how do they help?

In-season or off-season, I always take a multi-vitamin, fish oils, and a combined calcium/magnesium pill ,Branch chain amino acids ,  Glutamine. I follow every work out with Solid Muscle’s- Solid Whey Isolate shakes. THe stuff is so yummy I have started eating it from the bag with a spoon.






During contest prep, I may add a fatburner, CLA’s, Specific Oils, etc. depending on my trainer. As far as pre-workout supplements I generally change these every couple months because I feel like my body gets used to supplements and specific workouts and so I try to constantly change things up. Currently for my pre-workout I take Advocare Muscle Strength with HMB, Advocare Spark (1/2 scoop) and Liquid Oxygen.

I definitely like to take some sort of pre-workout to help “gear up” and get ready for the gym, though it’s honestly probably mostly mental. The items I listed above are all very natural and the amount of caffeine in Spark is minimal – it’s more vitamins and aminos than anything. This is my first time to use Liquid Oxygen. I put about 12-20 drops in my water bottle before I go to the gym and then again around 5 or 6pm. I absolutely love it! I feel like it’s the first thing that has helped with quick recovery and soreness. The last supplement I take on and off is Nighttime Recovery. I take it right before bed. It’s supposed to help with muscle growth and good sleep.

What advice would you give to people wanting to get in shape?

You can ask everyone you know in the industry and everyone has their own opinions and their own ideas of what is best (as far as diet and exercise). The fact of the matter is, what is best and works for one person doesn’t always work for another. I get messages all the time – “what is your diet and your workout?” Well, I can tell you, but your goals may be different than mine and I don’t know what it is that you are looking to accomplish. Every body is different and all of our bodies react differently to everything from how much water we hold, how it reacts to fats, sodium, carbs, cardio, weights etc.

My advice, don’t listen to everyone. Seek out some guidance if you are serious about changing your body and lifestyle. Don’t jump in face first and expect to go from never working out and not eating healthy to hitting the gym six times a week and a one hundred percent clean diet. Take baby steps, start small and once you start noticing results from a small change add in another healthy change. For example, think to yourself, “my first two weeks I’m eliminating sodas, juices, alcohol and I am just going to drink more water. I’m also going to walk two times a week for twenty – five minutes.” When you start to see changes and you are hungry to see more, then up your minutes or days of exercise and/or take out fried foods. By doing this, you are less likely to get burnt out on your first week and give up all together. Baby steps is all it takes, you can do it!

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