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Raw Is Good For You Raw Is Good For You
By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer Raw milk got a bad rap during the 1900’s and now people refuse to drink it unless it has... Raw Is Good For You
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raw milk has a built in protective system

By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer

Raw milk got a bad rap during the 1900’s and now people refuse to drink it unless it has been treated properly from “sicknesses” that one can get.  But truth be known raw milk is perfectly safe to drink as long as you know were it comes from and what the cows are feed.

For the record raw milk has a built in protective system, most of which is destroyed during pasteurization and makes you wonder the real end game design of this Pasteur guy who invented the pasteurization system in the late 1800’s.  During these 1800s the death rate was 50% in urban children drinking “Swill Milk” or milk that was produced in inner city confinement dairies. These poor cows were fed brewery swill purchased from liquor and beer companies and raised in unthinkable filth. And to make the milk go farther water was often added to the milk that is a quite practice that is still carried on today in those famous name brands in your local market. What the dairy owners did to combat the low quality milk was to call upon this famous germ scientist, Louis Pasteur who claimed that the heating of all milk makes it free from any potentially harmful bacteria, without carrying how it changed the quality of the milk.  Overt time, these inner-city swill dairies were outlawed, milking hygiene was improved, and consumer access to refrigeration was improved which made pasteurization unnecessary. Sadly, pasteurization has become a way of life and most can’t imagine drinking milk any other way.


Raw milk contains lactoperoxidase that uses little quantities of free radicals and H202 to search and destroy bacteria.   Raw milk also has T-lymphocytes that multiply if any bad bacteria is present and produces powerful immune-strengthening compounds.
Raw milk also has B-lymphocytes that destroy foreign bacteria.  Raw milk also has lactoreffin that uses the iron from pathogens and carries it through the wall of the gut and into the blood stream to be utilized to stimulate the immune system.  This
lactoreffin will also destroy a vast range of pathogens without doing harm to the good beneficial bacteria and contains macrophages that engulf foreign bacteria and proteins.  Raw milk also contains neutrophils that kill infected cells and strengthen other parts of the immune system.  Raw milk contains antibodies that adhere themselves to foreign microbes to stop them from migrating outside the gut and initiate immune response.  Good and protective bacteria is encouraged to grow by a substance called polysaccharides.    Raw milk contains medium-chain fatty acids and enzymes which disrupt cell walls of bad bacteria.
The impression that this should make on you is that raw milk contains lots and lots of substance (may more which have not been mentioned) that aid in its safety to whoever drinks it and give your immune system a wonderful boost.

Now back to this Pasteur guy, whose method of heating milk and then quickly cooling it off at set temperatures all but practically kills ALL of these essential substances.  There have also been many studies done by independent and honorable laboratories as early as 1938 which showed that the innocent act of heating milk in fact supports the growth of harmful bacteria by inactivating “inhibins” which are factors that inhibit bacterial growth.

Raw milk is often and unjustly blamed for causing infections with dangerous organisms such as Listeria monocytogenes, which is a deadly food pathogen that will cause many severe illnesses, premature birth or neonatal illness, fetal death and your death sooner or later.
So in 679 words, yes, raw milk is safe and way safer than pasteurized milk, which by the way is what causes this lactose intolerance as raw milk will not cause it. Always keep in mind that raw milk, like any food is only safe if it’s produced under good and safe conditions and that you know your farmer and make sure that he is following safe farming practices like allowing the cows to graze freely and receive the sunlight.

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Always keep in mind that raw milk, like any food is only safe if it’s produced under good and safe conditions