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Quick Steps to Weight Gain Quick Steps to Weight Gain

While it may appear that all those around us are in a desperate search to lose weight, there are those who are in going in the opposite direction and trying to gain weight. One might say that all one should do to gain weight is to simply eat more food, but in reality it’s what you eat that can healthily affect your weight gain.  The focus should be on enhancing your lean muscle mass and not only your fat cells.

Of course the first suggestion would be to eat, eat and then eat some more

Of course the first suggestion would be to eat, eat and then eat some more


Of course the first suggestion would be to eat, eat and then eat some more. But before you pick up the phone and order your favorite fast food delivery, think again about what foods you really need to eat a lot of to gain weight.  Yes pizza, fried foods and burgers will fill you up with fats but will ultimately leave you feeling drained of energy and load your body with fats that it really doesn’t need or better said, can’t work with.  Remember that your body is like a highly precision machine and you should treat it as such, and it needs a lot of nutritional foods so try focusing more on foods like nuts, dried or fresh fruit and avocados. If you put in junk into your body, your body will feel like junk.  Also complex carbohydrates like pasta, beans, rice, whole grains and potatoes have a high calorie density when compared with fibrous carbohydrates.  A normal helping of rice or pasta can contain as much as 800-1000 calories and this makes it ideal for gaining good weight.  Try having a healthy and very nutritional snack right before you hit the sack, like a peanut butter and blueberry sandwich.  Also remember to snack often in between meals keeping in mind on picking foods that you will enjoy and remember to drink plenty of mix fresh juices for a higher calorie intake.

Working out will aid in triggering hunger signals inside your body and thus you will have more of an appetite and end up eating more.  It will also give you a feeling of accomplishment and thus will prompt you to reward yourself with a good meal or snack.  Also when you work out you are building muscles, and as muscles grow, the also add weight to your frame.

These two simple suggestions should guide and aid you in adding good weight to your body and keep you healthy for years to come.