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Positive vibes for feeling great Positive vibes for feeling great
I would be lying if I told you I wasn't a believer in karma! I receive a lot of feedback through my social networks... Positive vibes for feeling great

by Kendi Charls

I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t a believer in karma! I receive a lot of feedback through my social networks about my attitude and how positive I am. The question is -why?

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Lets start a few years back shall we?  I grew up in a great environment in a small, friendly town. I’ve made more mistakes then I care to admit and I have paid for each and every one of them. I have lived and I have learned the hard way for every mistake I have made. I’m by far not perfect and, looking back, there are many times when I can say I wasn’t proud of myself and the decisions I made. However, I think it’s all a part of growing up and learning who you are and what you want to do with your life! The important thing is  to learn that YOU have the control to be and do anything YOU want! You have the ability to change the things in your life that are unsatisfying and that don’t make you happy.

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It took some time for me to figure things out for myself and I still don’t have all the right answers, but I know I’m truly happy and am proud of the person I am and how far I have come from my early 20’s.  I’ve come to a conclusion that life really is about the simple things – the things that make you truly happy.  I lost track of priorities at one point and am happy to share that this is no longer an issue.

I’m positive about life because I’m genuinely happy. I thoroughly enjoy doing things that make me a better me, improving myself one day at a time.  This isn’t secluded to the gym and physically but in my career, building better relationships with my family and friends and being the support others need when they begin their journey into a healthier and happier THEM. These things make me happy and by practicing them on a daily basis I become closer to my goals while also helping motivate and influence those around me!

Of course, I have bad days too it’s how you react and shake it off knowing that tomorrow is and WILL be a better day!

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Put those positive vibes out there and they will come back in some way, shape or form!  No one gets anywhere being rude, putting off negative vibes, or putting others down. First off, what’s the point? I call them haters…those that FUEL my fire and make me push harder. It doesn’t do any good to bring others down with you because you are unhappy with your life and who you are. We all have these people in our lives and unfortunately they are the ones that we need to let go.

So my advice, find what it is that makes you happy and do it…live it and love life! Believe!  I’m more than excited to become more involved in the fitness industry an help others along the way find that inner happiness.

It’s in us all but it’s identifying it and going for it.

Start making changes today! It’s never too late to live!


Kendi Charls is a top ranked National Physique Committee competitor and a well-known advocate of healthy living through diet and exercise. She is a life-long athlete in multiple sports such as soccer, basketball, track, softball and volleyball. She is a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa where she received her BA in Fashion Design and played for the school’s volleyball team. You may reach Kendi Charls at