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How to Alleviate Knee Pain How to Alleviate Knee Pain
By Ed Barillas Knee pain is only second to back pain among adults.  This trouble is almost always caused by osteoarthritis which is a... How to Alleviate Knee Pain

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By Ed Barillas

Knee pain is only second to back pain among adults.  This trouble is almost always caused by osteoarthritis which is a degenerative joint condition in which the cartilage that surrounds the two bones that comprise the knee joint wears down and causes painful joint on joint friction.  Under the guidance of a doctor those suffering from this can opt for treatment to provide key knee pain relieve.  The usual treatment includes for the sufferer to take anti-inflammatory steroidal drug aspirin or acetaminophen.  Some remedies that can be taken at home include ice packs, capsaicin and even cayenne pepper which contain capsaicin and have been known to relieve pains and aches.  Some natural supplements like chondroitin and glucosamine are fast becoming popular alternatives to traditional medicines basically because they present fewer risks of dangerous side effects. Both of these substances can be naturally found in the human body as chondroitin helps in building joint cartilages and the other which helps in alleviating osteoarthitric joint pains. Other causes of knee pain can include arthritis, ligament injuries which mostly happen to athletes and dancers.

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Bursitis can also cause knee pain as this is most commonly felt in people who kneel a lot such as gardeners, baseball catchers and carpet layers.  Treatment for these pains can include ice packs as they will temporarily reduce the inflammation, also stretching and physical therapy can also be useful in alleviating knee pain.

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If you are able to ease the pressure that you put on your knees with padding, crutches and or splints you will be all the better for it.  One should take care when doing specific exercises, stretching and high impact aerobics and substitute them with low impact aerobics, swimming, biking and walking to help in promoting faster healing and of reducing the risk of further injuries and knee pains.  Some common knee surgeries include exploratory arthroscopic surgery which will diagnose the exact source of the knee pain so that the doctor can determine which course of treatment to give his or her patient.

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One should focus on prevention techniques for knee pains and that can only be done with careful attention to any exercise that involve the heavy use of your knees and taking steps to making your knees more comfortable.  Knee pads are readily available at most sporting goods stores.  Also  your liquid consumption should be paid closer attention to as sodas with their additives and preservatives and who knows what else can damage your knees and other joints as well as it has been documented that soda of any kind is responsible for causing joint degeneration.

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Many uneducated people drink diet cola thinking that they will lose or keep weight off when actually this poison of a drink will cause many illnesses including cancer and brain tumors and actually lower your bone density and put woman at risk of osteoporosis which will leave your bones brittle, dry, weak and more easily able to fracture.  So be smart guys and stay off the sodas. Pay careful attention to your daily exercise routine and care and you should be able to have better quality of life and way less pains in your knees.