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How safe is microwaved foods? How safe is microwaved foods?
Heating food up in the microwave is as American as apple pie and a vast array of microwaved foods recipes are popping up all... How safe is microwaved foods?

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Heating food up in the microwave is as American as apple pie and a vast array of microwaved foods recipes are popping up all over and many are taking advantage of the quick and easy ways to prepare their foods.  Well sadly the problem with microwaved foods is that you are actually putting radiation into a raw product and causing the creation of cancer causing agents within protein hydrosylate compounds in of all things cereal grains and milk.  How many times have you warmed that oatmeal in the microwave?  Microwaving also causes the creation of Nitrosodiethanolamine which is a very well known cancer causing agent.  Ingesting microwaved foods can cause a higher percentage of cancer cells in your blood and due to this chemical alteration malfunctions occur in the lymphatic system which causes degeneration in the immune system and hinders its ability to protect itself against cancerous growth.  The unstable catabolism of microwaved foods and the alterations caused also leads to digestive disorders and those who were tested who had repeatedly eaten microwaved foods showed a higher incident of intestinal and stomach cancers.

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Most importantly also is that fact that microwaving food causes a significant decrease in the nutritional value of all foods and specifically a decrease in vitamin C, E, essential minerals and a lower level of bioavailability of B-complex vitamins.

The violent change that microwaving does to food causes the food molecules to form new life forms called radiolytic compounds which then mutate.  Ordinary cooking causes this as well but microwaving does it tenfold and more dramatically and the effect to your body is that this causes a deterioration in your immune and blood system which leaves you wide open for cancer and tumors and your body will be defenseless against these evil diseases.

All said and done it appears to me that microwaves have been created not only to heat our food up but to also give everyone around them cancer so stay clear and be done with them I say lest you someday soon end up in the doctor’s office.

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