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How Legit Are These Vaccines? How Legit Are These Vaccines?
The vaccination premise began around 300 years ago when a pharmacist from the UK inserted cowpox pus under the skin of a pre teen... How Legit Are These Vaccines?
picture of vaccine

Vaccine being injected

The vaccination premise began around 300 years ago when a pharmacist from the UK inserted cowpox pus under the skin of an adolecent boy.  This experiment was rooted on an undeclared rumor that anyone who had had cowpox would be immune to smallpox.   Throughout the years this scientist vaccinated other unfortunate people against smallpox without any proof of positive results, safety nor approval from the medical society.  The scientist approached King George III so much with a deceitful presentation that the king award him the equivalent of half a million dollars to continue with the deadly experiments.  The amount of people who actually died during these experiments will never be known as he used mostly street bums and even convicted incarcerated felons for his experiments.

Thus the father of Botox was born and is the primary “professional” responsible for prescribing diseased matter as medication to a healthy person even though various other scientists knew that there had been many cases of smallpox throughout the experiment.  If you look at this from the point of view of common sense he was actually infecting people with diseases to prevent them from having the disease in the future but sadly many were infected and died as a direct result of his “experiments”.  He was not looking to cure people from diseases, he was causing them do get them and the medical world said nothing.  They just allowed it to happen which makes you think that they were looking to get rich off of this from sick patients as no doctor will get rich off of healthy patients, its better to cause the sickness and know the cure but only hand out the treatment.  This is why hospitals stay so busy as many scientists in the past have come up with a bogus solution to prevent a disease, make a ton of cash and deter anyone from arguing against the fake immunizations that do not work properly or safely.

The number of sick people always go up whenever a new immunization campaign come out as shown in the UK as the number of smallpox after vaccination rose dramatically from 5% to 95% in 1895.  One deadly outbreak in the UK occurred one year after the King decreed everyone to have immunization shots under pain of death and got to the point that 1 in 5 who were immunized died as a direct result.  Of course they’re where many protest over this from obvious facts and proved harm from these deadly viruses. Another case in point happened in 2010 when a mumps outbreak occurred among 1000 children in upper New Jersey and lower New York soon after most 80% of them had been vaccinated with the MMR (measles, mumps & rubella) vaccine and throughout the 1980s, official agencies reported several outbreaks of measles occurring among children who had been vaccinated in various locations including a high school in the Midwest and a high school in the Boston area.
The vaccinators state that a 90% vaccination rate among any specific population guarantees herd immunity for that population.
In today’s world the vaccine business brings in a whopping 30 billion dollars a year to a few and select companies who follow this vaccine concept like the bible and protect themselves from outside prosecution as the Teflon king himself john Gotti did back in the 80’s and any health professional who protested against the deadly results of vaccination has been severely punished if not murdered outright.