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How Football Players Stay In Shape How Football Players Stay In Shape
Have you been wondering how the football players on TV stay in such good shape and condition?  How healthy really is the way they... How Football Players Stay In Shape

picture of football players in game

Have you been wondering how the football players on TV stay in such good shape and condition?  How healthy really is the way they eat? Proper nutrition is crucial for football players and to get the full rewards of hard and intensive preseason workouts nutrition is the key.   The game of football requires for its players to perform short burst of energy for hours at a time and specifically impacts on their strength, speed, stamina, and recovery and the body needs plenty of carbs to get things going right.  As far as the actual nutritional value of the food that football players eat, well these big guys need lots and lots of energy and bulk to be able to efficiently and successfully push people around.  In football the biggest demand from coaches is that the bigger the player the better it is and by this fact alone when it comes to eating healthy football players are at the end of the line and before sumo wrestlers for sure as sumo wrestlers are basically blubber with strong trunks, and football players are among the best fit and  conditioned athletes on the planet, let me see these fat sumo wrestlers suit up and hit the field for 3 hours of hardcore football in 80 degree weather, they would not last 1 hour before flopping out with a cardiac attack.

picture of college football team pregame meal

Anyway when I was playing ball in college we had a nutritionist who came in every week to give us advice and tips on nutrition and why it is so important for us players to eat right and not just a lot.  If a player comes to practice without eating breakfast or lunch or skimps on fluids or even worst all he drinks is soda pops and energy drinks loaded with tons of synthetic chemicals then he is not putting himself in a position to reach his full potential and this will have a huge effect on the performance on the whole team as one missed block can make all the difference between winning and losing.  Always remember that canned soda pops and energy energy drinks like Red bull are specifically designed to dehydrate you so you drink more and more, that’s actually the aspartame in action.
Remember that no matter how good you think you are the endgame for coaches is to win and if you are not contributing to the success of the team because your lagging behind then you will be hitting the bench more often than the opposing players.  When excess body fat does tend to hinder a players performance then they are advised to decrease portions but never to skip meals and cut back on fats and not carbs.
Football is a great stop and go sport with incredibly short burst of intense play followed by rest and the main food substance that can give great and long energy is simply foods loaded with carbs.  The average football player ingest around 40 percent carbs, 40 percent fat and 20 percent protein.
Each plate should be divided in thirds, with one-third of the plate as protein (red meat, poultry, fish, eggs, cheese, milk, yogurt, dried beans, nuts), one-third as a starch like rice, pasta, potato and one-third as fruits and vegetables.

 picture of college football team practice

The emphasize should be on carb containing foods low in fat: bagels should be had over doughnuts, mashed potatoes surely over fries, grilled, BBQ  chicken over fried, frozen yogurt or sorbet over ice cream. If you up the amount of carbohydrate in your diet this will provide you with more available energy during practice and especially games when it counts. Less fried foods will decrease the chance of an upset stomach, which may also boost performance.  Alcohol will surely affect a football players reaction time, cause severe dehydration and delay your recovery so it should never be consumed during season and pre-season.
even before the game players consume protein-carb based snacks like peanut butter crackers, bagel with cream cheese or peanut butter staying away from sports bars as these are loaded with artificial substances that will make your body work harder to process and take you more time to recover.

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