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How Diet affects the Hair How Diet affects the Hair
By Ed Barillas Having problems with hair loss?  Are those gels and hair loss products actually losing you more hair?  Maybe be you should... How Diet affects the Hair

picture of hair loss By Ed Barillas

Having problems with hair loss?  Are those gels and hair loss products actually losing you more hair?  Maybe be you should focus more on your diet instead of what you put on your hair. The human body needs a nutritional diet so that it can create healthy cells and tissues which is what your hair needs.  A poor diet consisting of erratic meals, crash diets, overeating can all lead to thinning of the hair and more.  To start with your hair needs lots of protein to build cells and protein also contains amino acids which are particularly important to hair growth.  Eating such things like meats, dairy products, eggs and fish for example is great for your hair as these contain plenty of cysteine, methionine, arginine, lysine and cystine which your hair desperately needs to grow healthy. If you are a vegetarian start by adding plenty of nuts, seeds, grains and cheeses to your diet to better your hair. Remember that those low carb diets that you see splattered all over the place can actually cause you to loss hair. These carbs are helpful in the growth of body tissue and are the primary source of vitamin B which your body also needs. It has been stated over and over again that it is not good to stay on a low carb diet for too long say for no more than three weeks since more than this can cause irreparable damage. Try to eat the smart carbs instead from vegetables, whole grains, brown rice, fruits and potatoes.  Also keep in mind that too much fat can also be bad for your hair so try eating foods that have been grilled, baked or braised rather than fried.  So if you feel like having a grilled and juicy burger go for it and make sure to pack it with lots of lettuces, tomatoes and onions.

picture of hair loss

Now the big question as to why your diet can affect your hair growth.  For starters your body needs the right amount of minerals and vitamins to be able to create strong and healthy cells.  It has been documented that people that have gone on these ridiculous crash diets have actually experienced lots of hair loss and their hair strands may become brittle and easily damaged and will look extremely dull despite every effort to style and condition your hair. Which basically means that your body is unable to replace the cells properly or that the cells that are being manufacturing are unable to withstand the damage that it takes from environmental abuse such as brushing, hair drying and even the UV rays from the sun? It has also been documented that skipping meals can cause your face to look blotchy and pale and will also make your hair look lifeless and limp.  So if your hair has been looking a bit on the light side and has lost its shimmy look that it once had try these new diet tips and watch your hair grow to its full potential.

picture of woman with healthy hair