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Healthy Valentines Gift Ideas Healthy Valentines Gift Ideas
By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer Valentine’s Day is here and getting that perfect gift for your partner can make all the difference in the... Healthy Valentines Gift Ideas

Happy Valentines Day

By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day is here and getting that perfect gift for your partner can make all the difference in the quality of the entire day.  So indulge your special loved one to a gift that will not only be from the heart but also good for their heart.

Here are some good and healthy ideas on what to get your spouse:

Chocolate Spa Mask

Membership to the spa.  A good spa offers services that mostly have to do with water and therapy like acupuncture, aromatherapy, body wraps, detox cleansing, hot stone therapy, reflexology,  sauna, swimming, yoga, shiatsu services to name a few.  These are great places to get pampered and  taken care of and the end result is always a healthier and a whole lot less stressed person so making this a gift can not only be great for them but for you as well if you both sign up.

chocolate bars

Some of the best dark chocolate that you can buy like Scharffen Berger Extra Dark chocolate  contains 82% chocolate or Green and Black’s Dark chocolate which contains 85% cacao or Valrhona Noir Extra Amer which also contains 85% cacao.  Cacao is great as it is the number 1 antioxidant food in the world even more than green tea and red wine and is incredibly high in vitamin C.  Cacao is also a soluble fiber and contains loads of Iron, magnesium and the good chromium which are three substances that your body needs and contains substances which stimulate concentration, focus, pleasure and of course LOVE.

Woman getting a getting relaxing massage in salon

  • A massage package gift certificate.  Massage therapy of course has many great benefits like boosting your immune system as it decreases the amount of cortisol in your system as it is a stress hormone which is released when you’re under stress and immediately attack and kill the good cells in your system which are important for immunity. It also relieves one of high blood pleasure as it stimulates the vagus brain nerves that extends to your back and regulates blood pressure and many other good functions and also helps sooth pain due to headaches, arthritis and even burns and for women who suffer from menstrual pain and want to get rid of the pain naturally.

A young happy couple sitting in restaurant and looking at one another

By choosing any of these tips you should be able to bring a smile to your partner that will last a lifetime of good and cheerful health.