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Healthy skin tips Healthy skin tips
We all want that healthy skin that is forever advertised on television, websites and magazines so knowing how to get it naturally can benefit... Healthy skin tips

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We all want that healthy skin that is forever advertised on television, websites and magazines so knowing how to get it naturally can benefit you greatly.  Your skin needs water in order for it to function best, thus doctors and nutritionists suggest that a daily intake of between 6 to 8 glasses of water per day is highly needed. Water has long been considered as the most efficient natural treatment or an almost free treatment for any skin condition because of its being alkaline, with pH 7.3.

Your diet will also play a vital role in skin health too. Specific foods such as those acidic foods and dairy products are said to be effective in causing an allergic reaction in some people.  The best advice is just to follow a nutritious diet that has a number of fresh fruits and green-leafy veggies, as well as fiber.  Many experts say that exfoliating your skin is another great way to attain a beautiful shine. So, try to invest in a good body exfoliant as it is capable of eliminating the dead skin cells from your body. Accordingly, this should be done once or twice a week so to free the skin to breathe and it helps to put off ingrown hair from developing. Although you should avoid using any body exfoliant on the skin on the face as the facial tissues are more sensitive and finer than those tissues of the body.
Aside from considering a healthy diet, exercising your body also helps keep your skin healthy. Note that a proper exercise does not only keep the body fit by regulating the oxygen; it also improves the glow of the skin as well.
Before going to bed at night, always bear in mind to remove your entire make up. Clean your skin before you sleep, no matter how tired you may feel. It is widely known that during the night, the skin goes through a process of elimination and cannot breathe properly if it is clogged with makeup and will cause your skin to break out and cause spotting.

One common problem that people face is stress and it was shown that when a person is stressed, the adrenal cortex converts adrenal androgens to the hormone testosterone in male and female, which in turn results in overactive sebaceous glands. These adrenal androgens are released causing a double amount of testosterone, causing the face to be oily, while other areas of the body are still dry from dehydration.  Taking proper rest that includes 6 to 8 hours of undisturbed sleep daily is the best way to rejuvenate the skin.

By following these tips you should have a healthier countenance about you that even your friends will envy.