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Healthy Halloween Treats Healthy Halloween Treats
Remember the times when you were little and put on that great and cool costume to go out and trick or treat?  The times... Healthy Halloween Treats
picture of Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Remember the times when you were little and put on that great and cool costume to go out and trick or treat?  The times when friendly neighbors happily gave out golden delicious apples, pears and bags of healthy peanuts?  Well neither do I sad to say.  Halloween treats have sadly always centered upon commercial sweets that can easily and cheaply be bought and given out that can drive your kids sugars levels through the roof and turn ( as it has already turned countless many) your kids into raging diabetics in the near future.  I remember fondly trying to eat as many of that delicious candy and chocolates that I could in the middle of the night after my parents had gone to bed and the comatose-like sleep which followed.   Now in my older and declining years I to now suffer from diabetes and I am very sure that these sessions and the candy are partly responsible for this illness that is now inflicting me.
I also remember the shocking stories all over the news in the 80’s about bad people putting razor blades and small sharp nails in apples and pears and handing them out to the kids trick or treating in the hope of harming them.  I am sure that in some part these stories were fueled (if not completely created) more by the big candy corporations which now rule the candy and chocolate global arena in the hopes of upping their sales and keeping their stockholders super happy and rich and to the costume that they have been acostumed to for many years.  For your info the candy business is a 150 billion dollar a year business and far surpasses the cocaine drug business yearly total earnings and that’s no peanuts.  Candy is big business and the more they can get you hooked on their sweets the more the they will make and the more you will lose in the process.  Candy is addictive and can easily be abused with no short term consequences and should be avoided at all cost.
The following are ideas for what to load up on when those funny looking and happy kids come a knocking at your door and saying, “trick or treat”.

picture of healthy halloween treats


non commercial dark chocolate
homemade popcorn balls with peanuts
trail mix bags
homemade cookies wrapped in small bags

Remember that one of the healthiest ways to deal with all the Halloween candy that your kids collect is to manage how and when it gets eaten. To avoid arguments over the candy loot, set up rules with your kids before they go trick-or-treating.
Here are some tips to keep in mind:

–Before the kids go out trick or treating make sure to send them off with tummies full of a warm and healthy dinner so they don’t come home starved, or worse, end up eating a ton of candy along the way as they will do regardless but this way they will eat less along the way (in theory).

— Store the collected candy out of sight, like in a kitchen cupboard that only you can reach and have access to and hand out when you see fit.

With these things in mind you and your kids should be able to have a better and healthier Halloween.

picture of kids trick or treating

Kids trick or treating