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Healthy Eating Tips for kids Healthy Eating Tips for kids
Healthy eating for kids begins at home and in right in your kitchen.  The example YOU set will have a huge impact on the... Healthy Eating Tips for kids

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Healthy eating for kids begins at home and in right in your kitchen.  The example YOU set will have a huge impact on the diet that your child has and if properly done you and your child will reap the great benefits of healthy eating and living.  Sometimes being a good example is not good enough as the kids will still eat whatever they can find in the kitchen shelves so if properly planned you can fill those shelves with healthy foods and snacks that will have a wonderful and healthy impact in your kids health and hopefully the good example that they will be to their kids when they are all grown up.

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First off take a good look in all your kitchen shelves and check for items like donuts, cheesy crackers, chewy granola bars, chocolate bars, potato chips and energy drinks.  Sadly these foods and drink contain empty calories or in other words simple carbs and no nutrition.  By explaining to your kids that these packaged foods are basically very high in fat and sugar.  Your child needs strong bones and a healthy body to fight off diseases and if not properly supervised he or she will suffer from expensive illnesses and many visits to the doctor.

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  1. In college breakfast mainly consisted of an ice-cold soda chased by a luke warm slice of yesterdays pizza and sometimes a donut.  Teach your kids that a healthy and yummy diet begins with breakfast and the foods eating before heading out the door.  Tell them that their bodies always need energy and after snoozing during the night their bodies are low in energy and need to vamp up.  Their body like a car needs energy in order to properly function.  Foods high in carbs like cereals with milk, yoghurt or milk accompanied by some toast with blueberry jam is the best way to go, maybe throw some lean meat for that extra pack of protein.
  2. picture of little girl with fruits and vegetablesVegetables and fruits are incredible in taste and if properly prepared and served will keep your kids coming back for more.  Their bodies need plenty of vitamins, fiber and minerals so a glass of fresh juice with some bananas and apple may some nuts and delicious seeds and at least two vegetables served at dinnertime will get them on the fit and healthy path.

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  1. Water is the best thing for anybody but most importantly for your kids as they are way more active than you’ll ever be again.  They need at least five glasses of water or fresh juice per day to keep their internal organs well hydrated and properly functioning.  You can entice your kids by premaking a fresh fruit licuado which you can keep in your fridge and I know of a smart mother who advertised the fresh fruit drink of the day on her fridge and the kids would race to the fridge every day to see what the “special juice drink” of the day was and took extra special and healthy delight in downing a glass or two at a time.

Simple tips like this will get your kids back on track and also apart from being strong and healthy will also excel in their schoolwork because their brains are free from all those toxic snacks.  Don’t forget, the example you set will make all the difference in the world in your kids healthy and fitness future.

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