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Green tea can reduce fat on your body Green tea can reduce fat on your body
The word out there is that green tea can reduce fat accumulation and thus reduce your body weight.  The fat targeted by this tea... Green tea can reduce fat on your body

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The word out there is that green tea can reduce fat accumulation and thus reduce your body weight.  The fat targeted by this tea seems to be the one that hangs around your waistline so this is apparently great news for those seeking to shed those extra ounces or love handles and looking to lose them.

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Researchers have discovered and have concrete evidence that if you drink 5 to 8 cups of green tea each day you will decrease your abdominal fat by at least 17 percent over a period of two months and be guaranteed to lower your body weight by at least 5.6 percent.  So there you go green tea is not only good for lowering your chances of getting Alzheimer’, dementia, heart attack and cancer but you can and will also lose weight.  Why does green tea help prevent heart disease?  Well green tea reduces atherogenesis which is defined as the initial loss of coronary artery elasticity which will eventually lead to arterial hardening and thus heart attack by at least 14 percent.  The powerful antioxidant properties of green tea will certainly lower your cholesterol levels as well.

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The beauty of green tea is that it specifically boosts your metabolism to target the fat that is stored in your body especially around your waistline and also helps with other weight loss efforts as green tea aids in keeping your metabolism running at a good rate and thus burning calories.

Many people out there make it a ritual to work out and lose weight but sometimes it becomes tedious and overbearing and sometimes easy to avoid altogether.  I know this one lady who made it a ritual to sit down with her hot cup of tea and focus her energy in drinking that one cup.   She had it in her agenda to drink around 8 cups of tea per day to stay fit.  The problem became that months later that tedious and boring ritual of sitting down and drinking her hot cup of tea just became too continuous and boring so she quit it altogether and instead of sitting down and forcing herself to drink her tea she would make a large pitcher of hot tea the night before and once cooled down leave it in the fridge overnight.  This way she would have tea to drink throughout the day be able to focus her time elsewhere. By keeping two 1 liter bottles in the fridge filled with green tea and drinking from them during the course of the day she was able to commit to her weight loss plan and even lost more than she expected because she drank more of the tea.  Cold green tea with honey is very delicious and refreshing and the smell of it alone is great for your mental health and is used as an aroma in aromatherapy.

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The type of green tea that you drink will also make all the difference in your weight loss plans as some products that boost green tea actually contain more artificial sweeteners that actually ruin your health instead of helping.  Stay away from those tall green cans which boast green tea along with ginseng as these contain enough sugar to drive your heart through the roof and contain only half of the promised ingredients.  Remember that these corporate companies that sell products in cans do not really care about your health but actually only your money.

Opt for green tea leafs, tea bags, pills or green tea extract.   These can be used in a wide variety of ways and can be taken advantage of to keep you weight plans running smoothly and more efficiently.

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