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Ginseng Facts Ginseng Facts
The root ginseng actually resembles the human body and is part of the reason that this wonderful plant is revered throughout China as a... Ginseng Facts

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The root ginseng actually resembles the human body and is part of the reason that this wonderful plant is revered throughout China as a revitalize for the entire body and the word in Latin Panax actually means all healing.  In the last century ginseng has become one of the most popular herbs in the United States.


A reader recently sent in a question about ginseng and if they could substitute coffee for it to stay alert when tired.  Ginseng works different that coffee and does not provide instant alertness but does increase performance and vitality while improving your blood circulation naturally.  Caffeine give you too much of a boost and causes a lot of stress of your heart and stomach especially when drank on an empty stomach which sadly you have to pay for with more exhaustion (and possible health risk) later so you actually end up more tired than you were before you had the cup of coffee.  Also coffee cannot improve your vitality and aid you in overcoming being burned out, stressed out or just simply exhausted.


If you drive yourself too hard or are under a constant amount of stress this continued state of stress will cause an increase in your blood pressure and cholesterol and eventually damage your health and immune system and ginseng can aid in preventing these damaging changes.  Ginseng is also a wonderful anti aging agent as it helps in preventing a decline in ones energy that many times comes along with aging.


If you’re a diabetic or a healthy person or just looking to lose weight and keep it off this miracle of a herb has various and positive health benefits that can help you.  Ginseng can be found in the form of tea, capsule, powder and wine, but make sure to stay clear of the energy drinks boosting ginseng as the other ingredients that it contains may negate the positive health benefits that you were seeking for in the first place before reaching for that “energy” drink.  Ginseng can be eaten chewed, added to soups, any meat or vegetarian dish (it can even be used in the marinate for all your meats) fresh blended fruit juices or power shakes. In its tea form it is great as it can be drank throughout the day to keep the metabolism boosted and burning those calories quietly away as it also prevents the conversion of extra calories to fat.  Your stamina will be heightened as well and is very helpful when it comes time to work out and aid you greatly in achieving a fit and healthy weight loss.

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So the next time your going past that health food shop dare to get some ginseng for yourself (and loved ones) to lose weight the natural way as this is one thing that will surely help in keeping you fit, healthy and happy.