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Fall FitnessTips Fall FitnessTips
The fall is upon us with its long shadows, cool weather and multi-colored leafs on your trees.  Summer has left our bodies overheated and... Fall FitnessTips

picture of Two young girls running in the park.

The fall is upon us with its long shadows, cool weather and multi-colored leafs on your trees.  Summer has left our bodies overheated and in some cases in need of exercise.  This fall workout season is very important as lots of holiday parties, snacks and food that are coming up will certainly add lots of undesired fat to your body.  Remember that holiday season comes along with lots of goodies and plenty of opportunities to eat or drink them and this will most certainly throw you off your diet and exercise routine but if you begin to prepare now then when the day comes that you are still recovering from the turkey dinner with all the trimmings chased with 6 cups of eggnog, your body will be stronger and  more able to digest the tons of food that you will be shoveling down your throat.
If this advice is followed properly then you will be able to be in great shape when that New Years Eve party comes around and be able to welcome the new year healthy and fit.
To start off if you have a bike go out and hit the roads or if you don’t have a bike try walking, power walking, strolling the kids, hiking, roller skating,Discover park trails and take in some new scenery etc.  In places where snow falls early, try cross country skiing or snowshoeing. Or, if you live near the beach, get out and play volleyball, throw the Frisbee around, or play a vigorous game of fetch with your dog.  One should take advantage of the great fall weather with its crisp cool air, beautiful canopy’s of fall foliage, pumpkin carving and apple picking as these months provide great and comfortable weather to get out and do something and enjoy the cooler temperatures and have fun.

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You can also take up fall gym classes that usually get started during the fall and if its a little to nippy for you then stay indoors and walk or run in place while catching up with your favorite sitcom, and if you think about it by the time the show is done you will have fulfilled your daily requirement of exercise.  If your the type of parent who sits in the car and reads a book or visits with other parents, its best to use that time to walk around the school track or even better warm up with the kids if your kids can stand it and if its cool with the coach.
If you love to brainstorm as part of your job try going on walking meetings or brainstorming walks around the park.  The motors skill involved when you walk as your arms swing back and forth along with your legs makes it easier for your brain to imagine and remember easier than sitting at a desk.  Remember that when you are walking just the simple act of it will raise your blood pressure and pump blood more thoroughly through your bloodstream thus giving more vital nutrients and most importantly oxygen to your brain which quickly turns it into energy.
Remember that fall is a time to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit so take extra attention to taking care of yourself and treat yourself as you should by getting a massage, taking up yoga or learning how to meditate and remember to make all your exercises ones that will promote wellness so when the time comes when your offered a second helping of that delicious pumpkin pie you can surely go for it and even thirds.