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Fad diets to Avoid Fad diets to Avoid
With so many people being attracted to these new fad diets promising quick weight loss and a celebrity lifestyle image it is important to... Fad diets to Avoid

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With so many people being attracted to these new fad diets promising quick weight loss and a celebrity lifestyle image it is important to know that these diets actually offer you short term weight loss solutions and can also be extremely unhealthy for those practicing them.

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There is also a starvation diet which is probably one of the worst diets out there as you may initially loss some weight but sadly the effect that this has on your body can be devastating and for some may pose a serious risk to their life.  This diet withholds important nutrients to your body and will lead to extreme fatigue, lack of hormones and sex drive, poor concentration, depression and anxiety to name a few.  Also your metabolism will slow down dramatically and you will be sure to lose organ tissue and muscle.  Many side effects include having the shakes, weakness and more of sensitivity to cold and most importantly a low calorie intake equals a slow down in weight loss.

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One of the most popular diets out there is called the Detox diet which claims fast weight loss, gives you a glowing skin and a stop to bloating. Foods such as fish, eggs, dairy products, meat, sugar and salt are prohibited and the end result of this is a lack of nutrients, temporary weight loss which is basically water and a lowered immune system and many side effects have been reported as nausea, headaches and sicknesses and have been known to cause heavy cravings for food and causing the dieter to eventually give up.

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Another diet is the all popular low carb Atkins diet which forces the body to use its own fat as its main energy source.  This action forces your body to produce Ketone bodies to fuel body parts that cannot utilize fat as an energy source.  This results in bad breath and nausea and fatigue.  And although this diet does produce short term results the body ends up losing muscle tissue and water and is a very unhealthy solution to weight loss.

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The Hollywood diet is another bad diet to start on as this is basically a 24-48 hour juice diet where no food is actually eaten, and the only loss to the body is water weight. This diet is very dangerous to your body as your body receives no protein or iron and you will be taking in lots of carbs and sugar and the juice itself is very expensive at $25 per 16 ounce can.

A wise man once said that all good things are good for the body but always in moderation.    There are many good and healthy diets out there to choose from and as long as you eat foods in the 4 basic food groups, get plenty of exercise and rest you will be able to lose those unwanted pounds and keep them off.

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