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Easy And Painless Workouts For College Students Easy And Painless Workouts For College Students
Writing this article takes me back to my Freshman days in college  and from the minute I stepped into the freshman dorm building I... Easy And Painless Workouts For College Students

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Writing this article takes me back to my Freshman days in college  and from the minute I stepped into the freshman dorm building I knew I was in for a lot of new adventures and most importantly no mom and dad to tell me what to do anymore (or to a point).  I could eat what I wished, studied when I wanted to and the best part of it, get up when I wanted to (if I did not have an early class).  My first few months were basically spent  on the couch in our dorm room reading, eating, watching tv and or studying and the thought of getting out of the dorm to go out and get some exercise became a thing of the past.  One morning I accidently stepped on the weight scale and to my horror realized that I had gained quite a few more pounds that I thought I had gained from lack of exercise.  I guess eating chicken pot pies, pizza and a huge variety of other goodies high in everything from the school caferetia especially late at night really put it on for me and with the USA’s east coast with its dark, rainy and cold Automn days I was not to motivated to go out and hit  the tracks.  So I decided to do the next best thing which was to workout right in my own dorm room, why not, I was already doing everything else there.  I found a report which stated that University students gained around 1/2 pound per week on average which is way more, or 11 times more weight than the usual 18 year old will gain and almost 25 times more than the average weight gain among adults.  It was discovered in another study that females and males ate aproximately 500 more calories between the hours of 8 pm and 4 am.
Of course there are natural things that you can do to bring the weight down like making healthier food choices, increasing your daily activity (go study in the library for intances) getting your required sleeptime, which can help you in some way but you really need to do cardio work to burn those calories off and boost your metabolism.
If you just dont have the time to make it down to your college rec center than you need to workout in your dorm room.
Your workout plan should include three principla componets which are:
Streching- this can aid in improving your fitness levels as well as reducing your chances of injury and joint complications later in life.
Cardio burns calories and programs your body to use more fat as fuel which strengthens your heart and lungs and also alivitates stress.
Strength training can aid in maintaining and keeping your muscles strong and healthy.
try a combo of these workouts to see what works the best for you.
Jogging in place or high knee running in place
Marching in place
Side steps (step touch)
Stepping up and down the stairs or running the stairs in your building
Jumping jacks
Turn on your favorite music and just dance!
If space and ceilings allow, jumping rope can torch big calories. If you don’t have room for a rope, mimic it with your hands and wrists. Jump in place, skip, hop on one foot to get your heart pumping.
Workout videos or DVDs offer a big variety of videos for a very low investment. Some workouts can be done in a small space, such as low impact aerobics, kickboxing and more.  Doing this for at least 30 minutes per day 4 to 6 times per week will do the best for you.
With these new workout tips in mind you should be able to get a heads up on your weight and be able to manage it a whole lot better.