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Early Morning Workout Early Morning Workout
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Most of us don´t like to wake up early in the morning. We like to sleep late, but are... Early Morning Workout

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

Most of us don´t like to wake up early in the morning. We like to sleep late, but are forced to do it due to our jobs. During the weekend we tend to sleep till late. Guess what as nice as it sounds, we are losing incredible amount of precious time that we are never going to be able to get back. No refunds! Have you ever heard the phrase time flies. Well it seems like it does fly, when we don’t realize many hours have passed and it is important we take advantage and do quality things that brings us quality results. Work towards  your own benefit.  Just like you wake up for that paycheck, try to wake up a couple of hours earlier to do something for yourself, like a couple of exercises to have your mind and body going. Remember exercise is a good source of energy. You will be activated, not only for the day, but also for your week.

A morning workout will be a great way to start your day!

90 percent of people who start a morning workout program stick with it.

90 percent of people who start a morning workout program stick with it.

Saying all of these let’s look at the benefits of an early workout. First an early workout helps start your metabolism. You get energized and more important you feel good mentally and physically.  It helps you feel healthy and therefore choose to eat healthy too.  A good workout combined with healthy eating is the perfect combination to having a great body.

People who choose to wake up early seemed to be more consistent with their workout. Over 90% of people who exercise early in the morning stick to their routine. If you wake up everyday at the same time your body starts adjusting to that schedule.  It will become easier for you to wake up. The brain programs itself to waking up.

Some of us even start looking forward to waking up everyday early in the morning. It’s time we have chosen to take care of our body. Remember it is important to have a balance life, if you work hard you also have to take care of your body hard. You can´t neglect your body from getting taking care of.  It´s for your own benefit, considering you have to live with it all your life, so why not take care of it by living healthy. Therefore an early morning workout is a great way to start.

For some people it’s also good time to pray, meditate, plan their day or just relax mentally. Mental calmness is one of the objectives of exercising. You can have a hard workout but if your mind is not at ease it will be harder to enjoy the routine and probably feel frustrated. That’s why it is important to fill yourself with positive energy which will put you on the right set of mind to give the best out of you while working out.

Another reason why you should exercise in the morning is that as your day goes by and it becomes hectic, exercising is the last of your priorities. Exercising in the morning will assure that you stick  to your routine since sometimes we find it difficult to exercise throughout the day, so why not get up an hour earlier to exercise. Even half an hour earlier can be enough. If you live close to work you can even take a walk there.

If you feel you are going to have lack of sleep try going to bed earlier, so will keep sleeping the same amount of hours.  You might not even want to sleep that long when you start exercising.  Some of us are so full of energy that don’t feel like sleeping so many hours. Your body and mind are active.

You will feel great ! Just make sure you are constant with your routine. Exercising in the morning will reassure you are working out. Try it, it´s just a matter of time, and without even noticing your body will be use to waking up early in the morning. Your body will start asking for that morning workout and you won´t have a problem waking up.  Like I have mentioned before, when you least expect it you will be missing your morning workout sessions. Start your day with the right foot. The earlier the better…