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Do you suffer from excessive sweating? Do you suffer from excessive sweating?
Are you one of the many people who are experiencing more than the regular amount of sweat?  Excessive sweating can create many embarrassing situations... Do you suffer from excessive sweating?

picture of man over sweatingpicture of man sweating

Are you one of the many people who are experiencing more than the regular amount of sweat?  Excessive sweating can create many embarrassing situations that can leave you looking for any kind of remedy that will aid you. Aside from genetics a person lifestyle can have a lot to do with the amount of sweat that a person body puts off.

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Anxiety plays a big part as the person who sweats too much will feel anxious when around people who may notice the over sweating and cause them to sweat even more.   The good news is that there are many natural ailments to alleviate the stress on the nervous system.   A careful look at ones diet will reveal many telling tales and some that will make you think twice about the next snacks, drinks and food that you eat.

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Stress also has a large part in the amount of sweat that your body produces so you should take measures to make your home and workplace as peaceful and serene as possible.   There are many forms of relaxation therapies that a person can use and varies and affects all the senses of the body like aromatherapy, color therapy, massage therapy, yoga and even music therapy.

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If you want to attack your over sweating on another front you can stop eating garlic for starters.  The strong smelling sulfur compounds in garlic are metabolized then form allyl methyl sulfide and this cannot be digested by the body so it is passed on to your blood then to your lungs and finally through the skin.picture of Onions with garlic

Onion are also an item that you should consider removing from your diet as the pungency of the onion has a heating effect and raises your heart rate drastically enough to cause you to sweat.

picture of cup of coffeeCaffeine found in coffee, cocoa, energy drink and chocolate will raise your blood pressure thus increasing your heartbeat and circulation and also cause you to sweat. I know that it can tough for many coffee bean lovers out there but the best alternative to a hot cup of something other than coffee would be tea and will give you numerous positive health benefits that will add years to your life.

Any kind of soda will be bad for you as the dangerously high levels of sugar will drive your heart rate through the roof.

Avoid spicy foods as well as they automatically increase your metabolism and heart rate.

Stay off the sauce, that’s right no booze, not even one beer if you really want to avoid the embarrassment of excessive sweating.   The thing is alcohol dehydrates you at first and is the reason you go to the can so many times when your drinking.  But then after your body’s temperature continues to climb this increase is what also causes the extra liquids in your body to come out through your pores.picture of no drinking



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Do drink plenty of water and I will tell you why.  When you keep your body constantly fueled with water it brings your internal body temperature down thus    causing you to sweat less.  Simple.  8 glasses of water per day should do.

Eating fresh fruits is also recommended since they also contain about 80% water and aids in your body cooling efforts.

Including olive oil in your diet will also help as your body requires almost no energy to digest this great oil as your body creates less heat and thus less sweat.

Make sure to include plenty of whole grains as well in your diet as they contain loads of B vitamin, which lets your body work more efficiently with less effort and again less sweat.   Fish, nuts and eggs are also high in B vitamin and should also be included in your diet as much as possible.

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Excessive sweating can be very embarrassing for many but if proper preventive measures are taken than your chances of enjoying better quality of life is sure to happen.

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