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Dangers of Comercial Sunscreens Dangers of Comercial Sunscreens
by Staff writer Eddy Barillas Well that time of the year is before us once again and the need for many of us to... Dangers of Comercial Sunscreens

picture of beach rescueby Staff writer Eddy Barillas

Well that time of the year is before us once again and the need for many of us to go out and bask in the warm and refortifying rays of the sun is overwhelming at times to the point of keeping us in the rays longer than the skin can stand without turning beet red which will later turn to beet and painful red and with so many options of sunblock splattered all over the media its hard not to buy the first thing you see on the store shelf.

So what to choose?

To start its interesting to note that there are no federal regulations for sunscreen as the FDA has set no guidelines as to what can be used in sunblock products so the major manufacturers of sunblock are under no legal obligation to disclose the ingredients on their product labels.

It has been shown in various studies that conventional sunscreen contains a harmful form of vitamin A called retinyl palmitate which will accelerate the development of cancer and although the labels many proudly claim that they contain vitamin A this type of it actually has photocarcinogenic properties which will cause cancer related lesions and tumors when exposed to sunlight.   Also while commercial sunscreens many offer protection from UVB rays they do not block UVA rays at all and these are the dangerous rays that can cause cancer and play a powerful role speeding aging and wrinkles.

For those of you who enjoy water sports in the ocean keep in mind that the sunblock will wash off and contaminate water around you and any coral reef as well, as many great scuba and snorkeling spots in the world have been ruined from the overabundance of sunblock being washed off by the many travelers and tourist from cruise ships who in the hundreds wash themselves in the beaches and as we all well know that commercial sunscreen contains octinoxate, parabens, cinnamate oxybenzone and camphor which will cause serious damage to any coral reef and also activate dormant viruses in algae called zooxanthellae which is what gives coral reef fish their bright and vibrant colors but sadly cause the algae to explode and wither on to death.  So if you’re an avid scuba diver or even snorkeler please avoid these products if you wish to see anything underwater ever again that will be worth looking at.  AND KEEP IN MIND THAT IF IT KILLS THE CORAL REEL WHAT THE HECK IS IT DOING TO YOUR BODY AND HEALTH?

Although natural sunscreens leave a white sheen on your skin they actually contain powerful and natural substances like Zinc Oxide and Titanium which WILL BLOCK BOTH UVB and UVS rays and are biodegradable and will not kill the coral reef that you love to look at.

Its wise to choose products that have full disclosure of the ingredients and allow outside testing to prove their claims which makes it a whole lot easier to select a healthy product.

Products that are natural are better than products that contain harmful and deadly chemicals, simple, so the next time you get the itch to get out in that warm and freshening sun take that extra second to choose the right and natural product which will in the end give you a better quality of life and pure enjoyment of the outdoor sunny pleasures.