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Pros and Cons of LASIK Surgery

Until recently, the idea of using lasers in surgery would have seemed like something out of Star Trek rather than a real possibility. However, today there are many surgical procedures that use lasers to treat a variety of illnesses. The most common laser suregery is LASIK…

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The Deal with the Raw Diet

One of the latest diet crazes in today’s modern world is a throwback to the way our ancestors ate food – uncooked. The Raw Diet is a lifestyle diet where 75 percent of the food eaten is uncooked…

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Staying Honest with your Doctor

We’ve all told little white lies in our lives, but when dealing with your physician, an omission of the truth could cause serious risks to your health…

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Building a Gym at Home

There are many advantages to working out at home. There are no membership fees; you have all the privacy you want and you are in charge of the gym equipment’s sanitary condition…

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Tips to preventing wrinkles

In this age of plastic surgery and Botox injections, looking younger has never been easier – or costlier. Fortunately, there are some basic changes you can make in your life to prevent wrinkles and keep you looking younger…

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