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Getting Your Children To Sleep

Do you have trouble getting your child to sleep? If so you’re not alone. Sleep problems are among the most common probles we face as parents with our children. Researchers estimate that up to half of all children between 1-5 years of age have some type of sleep problem…

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Tips to Making Your Resolutions Stick

People have been making New Years resolutions since ancient times when the Babylonians made promises to their gods at the beginning of every year…

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Easing Injury Through Massage

A few years ago I had a new client (I’ll call her Karen) come in that was in considerable pain due to tendinitis in both elbows. She told me during our initial interview that she was an avid kayaker but could no longer participate in her favorite pastime. She had gone to see her doctor who prescribed the standard fare – anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant medications …

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Tips to Prevent Winter Skin Problems

Here comes winter and with it the cold and wind as well as the dry air that causes and/or worsens pretty much every known skin condition. As the dry air of winter pulls the moisture from our skin it then cracks and peels shedding excessive skin cells…

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Massage and Fibromyalgia – Part of a solution but not a cure

Over a decade ago I had a client come see me for a massage. During the health history she mentioned that she had been diagnosed with a condition called Fibromyalgia. I had never heard of this condition and was unsure how to help her within the context of massage therapy. She said that she had been seeing a massage therapist for some time but she had retired from the profession and decided to get an appointment with me…

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Soothe Sciatica Away with Massage

One very common condition that I would encounter often in my massage therapy practice is Sciatica. Sciatica is nerve pain that is usually felt in the lower back, hip and towards the rear of the leg down to the calf in the more severe cases. There are two classes of Sciatica, True Sciatica and False Sciatica…

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The Chair Massage

As long as massage has been around it’s a good bet that a portion of it has been performed while the client was seated either on a stool or a chair of some kind. Historical carvings, cartouches, paintings and drawings from all over the world have all been found that describe someone seated upright receiving some form of body work…

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Massaging the Elderly

Growing old is not always easy especially after the age of retirement. As many of the baby boomers head into their twilight years they will meet with very specific challenges that can impact their quality of life. The first is financial since they most likely won’t or cannot work any longer…

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Looking for Toxic and Cheap Christmas Presents this year?  Shoppers Beware
By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer Stay clear of cheap fake items coming to a store near you during the holiday festivities as consumer groups are currently investigating many bogus and dangerous items on the market.  Fake laptops and iPhones and games like Nintendo DSi handheld and Nintendo Wiis, iPads... Read more
The Spiritual Healing of Lomi-Lomi Hawaiian Massage

As with so many styles of massage around the world, Lomi-Lomi evolved from traditional medicine practiced in the Hawaiian Islands. Centuries ago, perhaps even millennia, Polynesian settlers to the islands brought with them their collective cultural wisdom …

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