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Maximize your Delts

Shoulders are a tricky body part to train. Since you have three deltoids, most people feel the need to do 2-3 exercises for each one…

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The Making of a Man

People take the word man too lightly nowadays. I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word “Man” I think of a someone strong, of honor, and shredded to the bone…

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Five Underrated Movements

Many gym rats will determine a man’s strength by asking “How much can you bench?” If this was the measure of a man we would all be in trouble …

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What is Good Posture and How to Maintain it
What is good posture?  Well we all know that we should be upright.  May people think that to have good posture one must tense ones back and heave your chest in and up and putting your head back in to your chest.  Well this may not be the correct... Read more
How to Measure Your Workout Intensity
Not only exercising but doing it the right way is a very important function of a healthy body. A half hour per day six days a week should do the trick and keep you on the right track. Rest is also very important so make sure to get plenty... Read more
Fun Ways to Get Your Kids to Exercise
In this day and age of the powerful media industry’s reign on our extracurricular activities with Blackberry to WII games to Facebook all in which we partake of when sitting or laying down, our overall health is being affected and not in a good way. Our body’s need a... Read more
Quick Steps to Weight Gain

Quick Steps to Weight Gain

Fitness September 15, 2011

While it may appear that all those around us are in a desperate search to lose weight, there are those who are in going in the opposite direction and trying to gain weight. One might say that all one should do to gain weight is to simply eat more... Read more
Amino acids and your workout

Branched chain amino acids (BCAA) provide safe nutritional support for athletes and individuals who are seeking optimal lean muscle mass…

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Three reasons to join a gym

There are over one million reasons why not to join a gym, with some of them being the cost simply not being organized enough to fit it into your daily schedule…

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How music helps you loose weight

Music can have a powerful effect on a listener’s heart rate. If you have ever felt that powerful surge of energy when your favorite track comes on, or have ever felt “in the mood” …

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