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Rafting – A Great Exercise Experience
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer What do you prefer, a rafting exercise experience that could make you happy, or a material possession? For me? Any good exercise experience that can make me happy and at the same time contribute to my physical fitness, is way better than any material... Read more
Skiing For Exercise
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Whoever told you that skiing was not an exercise sport, was completely out of there mind! In the first place, skiing involves you using basically every muscle in your body, even your heart gets a good workout. Being out in the fresh and cold... Read more
Paddleboarding – The Stand-Up Way to Surf
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Are you interested in more aquatic sports for this summer for a good workout? Then here is something that I think you would like very much. Stand Up Paddling, an emerging global sport with a Hawaiian heritage has been taken in by many surfers... Read more
Diving With Kids and Teenagers

One essential element is for the dive professional to enjoy working with children and teens. This category of clientele is not for everyone. Secondly you have to make it fun for kids therefore creativity is a must. When you’re doing confined water with them you can play games…

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Best Techniques To Get Close To Marine Life

One of the best part of diving is by far the marine wildlife. It’s exciting to encounter a turtle, an eagle ray or even a shark and be able to approach it without scaring it off. Although there are no guarantees, keeping the following in mind when encountering an animal of interest will over time make you more successful at getting close to them in a way that is non-threatening to them…

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Night Diving – A Different World

I just returned home from guiding a night dive at Mandy’s Eel Garden in West Bay on the Island of Roatan. No matter how many times I do a night dive I’m always blown away by how different diving this site is once the sun has gone down. One of the reasons for this change is many creatures that during the day are dormant will come out at night in search of food and prey. ..

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How to Use Fins Underwater the Right Way

As a diving instructor I have used all sorts of fins in all sorts of conditions but my observation over the years have led me to conclude that it’s more how they are used that determines how proficient your are underwater. Finning is very important in diving …

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A Disturbing Sight Off Flowers Bay, Roatan, Honduras

Shortly after going down the steep Church Wall Reef we came upon a strip of about 250-300 feet where there was sediment and garbage from the top of the reef all the way down to about 150 feet along. Everything was dead or dying. From what I could tell it seems that people have been dumping here for a while since there was so much of it…

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The Importance of Marine Protected Areas

The Jardines were declared a National Park in 1996 and a strict no catch policy is in effect for the entire 2200 KM2 of its territory. Sport fishing is catch and release only and limited lobster fishing is allowed outside the outer edges of the park limits…

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